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Here at SelectWeddingRings.com, we have everything you have ever hoped for in a wedding band. There was a time when the rings made of silver, gold or platinum were considered premium but times have changed and far stronger materials have emerged. You will find a huge selection of beautiful wedding bands on our website that have been created with love from alternative materials.


These rings will allow you to express your love and commitment for your partner. Our expert craftsmen offer you the rings made from a variety of super strong material including titanium, white tungsten carbide, black tungsten carbide, tungsten carbide as well as white and black ceramic. The rings made from these materials are durable and going to last forever. These will look as beautiful after a few years as they had on the wedding day. Our selection includes rings with, carbon fiber inlay, opal inlay, diamond inlay as well as mother of pearl inlay. However, that is not all. You may also choose from beautifully designed rings with silver, rose gold and gold inlays. We are sure that you will be able to find the right rings for representing your wedding vows.


We offer a huge selection of the rings including the rich deep black colored rings made from black tungsten carbide or black ceramic in addition to the rings made from cobalt chrome or white tungsten carbide that give bright white look. You may also choose from several of our tungsten carbide rings that have a subdued but stunning look. We have everything you want in a band ring.

Our designs include laser engraving, inlays and various degrees of faceting as well as profile options ranging from a domed to flat. Our rings range from 2 to 20 mm in width, with a variety of options in between.

We understand that a wedding band is once in a lifetime purchase for many people. It's different from buying other types of jewelery. You want a wedding band that represents your fidelity, love and commitment to your partner with whom you will take vows to spend the rest of your life. You want wedding rings that will tell the whole world about you as a couple and as a person. You are going to wear these rings for the rest of your life and therefore, it is important that these are not only beautiful, durable and comfortable but also adequately reflect things that are important to you.


Our designers offer everything from a wood inlay bands to laser engraved Celtic inspired bands to opal inlay bands to futuristic looking carbon fiber inlay designs to the beautiful mother of pearl inlay designs among others. We are sure that you will be able to find a ring that you have envisioned as the dream ring for your wedding. Choose from the best selection of wedding bands at the most affordable prices from people who are known for offering best customer service and who care about you to get the wedding band of your dreams.


Tungsten Rings for Men and Women
The tungsten rings in our selection are made for men as well as women. The designs range from classic style to contemporary to cutting edge. We have rings for everyone. In fact, we can offer you tungsten ring with precious stones. If you do not want any of the existing designs, we will be happy to customize a ring as per your requirements. Tungsten carbide is the hardest metal alloy on this planet. It not only looks elegant but it is also extremely strong and therefore, it is the perfect material for a dream wedding ring. Tungsten is found in places where volcanoes eruptions took place in the ancient times. We have a factual volcano resources page in case you want to know more about volcano eruptions.


While we may call the rings made from tungsten carbide as tungsten rings, it is important to mention here that we use tungsten carbide for making all the tungsten rings. All the tungsten bands or tungsten rings on this website are rings made from tungsten carbide. Tungsten is often used as a short form of tungsten carbide similar to how people use Coke for Coca-Cola. Also, we use the terms ring and wedding band interchangeably on this website. The vast selection of rings on our website is made from conflict free tungsten metal. The jewelry grade wedding rings are designed by some of the top American designers including Laser Craft rings. All the rings on our website are made from tungsten carbide. In fact, it is not possible to make the rings using only tungsten as it exists only as a metallic powder in nature.


All the tungsten wedding bands listed here are actually tungsten carbide rings which are also called tungsten rings. For binding agent, we use nickel chromium for creating high-quality tungsten jewelry. Our jewelry does not contain any cobalt. Due to the huge versatility of tungsten carbide, the rings made from this material can be used as wedding bands, graduation rings, promise rings as well as casual jewelry.


Men and Women Wedding Ring Sizes
Another important thing to note here is that same sizing system works for men as well as women in case of wedding bands. It is different from the shoe sizes where there is a huge variance. However, in the case of wedding rings, a size seven for men and women means that the ring finger size is the same.


Also, most of the wedding bands on our website are unisex similar to sunglasses. You may have noticed some of the wedding bands being categorized as wedding bands for women and some as wedding bands for men. However, this does not mean that these bands are not unisex. The only reason for these categories is to bring together certain sizes and styles of wedding bands that appeal to either women or men and help them in finding the wedding band of their dreams in an easy way. Keep in mind that any wedding band on our website can be worn by men as well as women. In case of wedding bands, chances are that your spouse is going to like it too if you like the design.

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