Tungsten Glossary

This page is designed as a glossary to help you better understand the terms and concepts that are found throughout the website.

If you are looking for a way to find out about the many myths about tungsten rings, please visit our FAQ article.

Wedding Band Cuts

Domed Cut- This is also known as a "rounded cut" and will features a circular shape on the outter part of the ring. These are the traditional shapes for promise or wedding rings.

Flat Cut - You will sometimes see these referred to as a "pipe cut", they have no dome located on the outside.

Beveled Cut - You will usually see that the middle of the ring is flat in beveled cut rings. In this case, the "bevels" are located on the edge and will provide a smooth transition between the edge of the ring and the middle.

Raised Center - These are very similar to a bevel cut, there just are no bevels. However, there is a step-transition between the edge and center of the ring.

Wedding Band Styles

Faceted - You will see that there are many gorgeous rings that are faceted, these have been done by precision machinery. These facets can be square, rectangular or oval shaped. Click here if you would like to browse our section of faceted tungsten rings.

Inlays - Perhaps one of the most popular collection of tungsten rings, the inlay features a different section within the middle. The inlay that is located in the center may be a strip of carbon fiber or an opal, all unique in their own way.

Grooved - Rings that have one or more linear grooves will be found under this category. There are many rings that feature both inlays and groove.

The Material That We Feature

Tungsten Carbide - By itself tungsten is as strong as titanium, however, when carbon is introduced, it creates an alloy and become 5 times as hard. Tungsten carbide is an extremely durable material that is scratch resistant and rings made of this material will hold their splendor for a lifetime.

Black Ceramic - Black ceramic is another popular material that we feature on this site. Black ceramic is black through the entire ring, and will not allow any scratches to show.

Black Tungsten - It is not possible to find black tungsten in a natural form, so in this case, white tungsten is used with a coating of black titanium for an incredible look. Black tungsten rings will show the white underneath if they become heavily scratched just as white gold rings will. If you do a lot of work with your hands and worry about scratching your ring, it is best to choose a black ceramic ring instead.